At Home STD Testing kit


Description: Includes a single, one-time at Home STD Testing kit.

Annual Subscription

At Home STD Testing kit

$41/Month for 1 Year

Description: Includes 2 at Home STD Testing kits annually.

Annual Subscription

At Home STD Testing kit

$60/month for 1 Year

Description: Includes 3 at Home STD Testing kits annually.

Annual Subscription

At Home STD Testing kit

$77/Month for 1 Year

Description: Includes 4 at Home STD Testing kits annually.

4 SIMPLE STEPS in the privacy of your own home

Order your at Home Testing Kit. Your information is secure and completely private. MTL won’t use your personal information.

At Home kit is delivered in a discreet package to your mailing address. Self-collection can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Return your kit samples via prepaid shipping.

Our fully-accredited lab will process your tests and post the results to a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal.

You will be notified by email to retrieve your results via private login. Once you receive your results you can close your account at any time.

Are you concerned about STD Symptoms?

Are you concerned you may have an STD? Even if you have STD symptoms, you require an STD test to be certain. There is now an easy, convenient and confidential way to screen for multiple STDs. It is a private, simple and quick STD test that can be self-collected, in private, at your home. This provides the peace of mind provided by a test that confirms you are STD free.

MTL’s simple and private at Home STD Testing Kit

Molecular Testing Labs’ (MTL) MY HOME STD Testing Kit helps you avoid the potential embarrassing moments of going to a clinic or hospital when seeking an STD test, being asked which STD you want to be tested for or when it’s time to call or return, sometimes repeatedly, to get your STD test results. In order to make the STD testing process as easy, simple and quick as possible, MTL has developed a self-collection STD kit that reliably screens for a broad panel of common STDs as well as some of the not-so-common STDs.

Your STD self-collection kit arrives at your house in a plain, non-descript package. At a time convenient for you and in private, you can open your self-collection kit, collect the specimens or samples in as little as ten minutes and return them to MTL by mail in the postage pre-paid mailer. Once the specimens arrive at our lab, they will be promptly processed, often within 24 hours, and your results posted to a secure, HIPAA compliant confidential portal that only you can access. You are able to track the status of your STD test on your computer or smart phone and obtain your STD test results the minute they are released. We strive to maintain complete confidentiality and privacy and you may cancel your account at any time and all results will be taken off the portal if you request. Your STD test results may be able to reassure you that you have nothing to worry about. Regardless, if necessary, you have your certified results in hand from an accredited laboratory to share with your healthcare provider if needed. This can shorten and simplify the process of seeking STD treatment.

Be safe.  Test now. Test early!  Be STD symptom free!

 Maintain the peace-of-mind knowing you are doing everything possible and utilizing the latest technology available to protect yourself and others and stay STD symptom free!

HIPPA Compliant